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Systomatic Clic is a completely new concept in kitchen and bedroom cabinets.  This system uses the OVVO® Connector System to offer a completely tool-free assembly of your cabinets.

Whether you’re a project manager running a large development, a professional carpenter or a DIY enthusiast, Systomatic Clic is the solution for you.  This top-quality system will revolutionise your workflow and save you time and money.

Use our online configurator to explore the complete Systomatic range as well as add doors, finishes and extras.

As one of the first South African companies in our industry to make substantial investments in sophisticated software and CNC technology we have, over the past two decades, been able to develop and continually improve our Systomatic Clic cupboard system.  Our ultimate goal: to remove the hassle of traditional carpentry whilst providing our customers with a premium product.  

We believe we have achieved this goal with the incorporation of the award winning OVVO® connector system. The OVVO® system allows a complete novice to assemble a cabinet within seconds, literally transforming a traditionally laborious and intimidating affair into child’s play. No tools or glues are required, one simply clicks it together. Cabinets can now be assembled in under a minute.

The system allows us to make first time DIY customers instant professionals and reaction from industry professional carpenters has been extraordinary. The significantly reduced amount of time required to complete a project has more than doubled their capacity, not to mention the ease and convenience of using the system.

No More Tools

No need for tools, glue or screws.  Tool-free assembly also ensure there is no fear of over- or under-tightening

Quick & Easy

Fast and Simple assembly using the OVVO® Connector System eliminating hours of frustration that comes with flat pack assembly.  Assembly is simple: all you need do is press the panels together and wait for the “click” which indicates the join has been made.  Saving time both on and off site, the Systomatic Clic system is the fastest way to assemble your cupboards.

Exceptional Strength 

The OVVO® Connector integrity outperforms any of the materials it has been used to join together.  Boards and other substrates have failed before the Connector which means your units are going to last longer than those made with traditional fittings.

Increased Productivity

Gone are the days of working out cutting lists and painstaking assembly, this time-saving product offers a high quality carcassing system, produced from the highest quality raw materials and requires no tools or glue for assembly.

All Systomatic units come with an easy to follow assembly guide and all assembly hardware. 

For contractors and project managers, transportation volumes are reduced by a minimum of 50% as product no longer needs to be preassembled before arriving on site.

You can save up to 80% of on-site assembly time by using the Systomatic Clic Connection System. 

Outstanding Quality

The entire range is manufactured from the highest quality Bisonlam and we only use the best components to ensure maximum durability and longevity of your carcasses, capable of withstanding the busiest kitchen environments. 

Carcasses are pre-machined for complete accuracy.  We use the System 32 drilling configuration which is compatible with virtually all hinge systems.  

Kitchen base units sit on height adjustable PVC legs allowing for easy levelling as well as ensuring cabinets are not affected by water leaks that might occur. 

Metal drawer boxes are used to ensure maximum durability in high traffic kitchens. 

Wall units all come with the Traser-6 wall hanging mount which are certified to hold the equivalent of 260kg of final load per set.  This high-quality system also allows for three-dimensional adjustment for absolute accuracy when levelling and hanging.

Award Winning

Don't listen to us, the awards speak for themselves:

All of the Systomatic Clic kitchen units are offered in standard floor unit depth of 560mm and wall unit depth of 300mm. 

All floor units are available in 870mm standard height (including 150mm for the plinth height) and wall units are available in two heights, allowing for maximum flexibility: standard height of 720mm and highline height of 1080mm.

All of the Systomatic Clic Built-In Cupboards (BIC’s), for use in the bedroom and home office, are available in a standard height of 2400mm (including a 100mm plinth height) with a depth of 560mm.

To explore the entire range of Systomatic Clic carcasses as well as add on doors, finishes and extras take a look at our Design Your Own configurator

Thanks to OVVO® we truly believe we offer one of the best DIY cupboard systems available.

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