Whether you are a project manager running large developments, a professional carpenter or DIY enthusiast - Systomatic is the solution for you.

Our standard sized Ready-to-assemble Systomatic cupboards provide a solution for virtually any requirement. Gone are the days of working out cutting lists and painstaking assembly. We are the experts and we have done all the hard work for you.

Use our online configurator to explore the complete Systomatic range as well as add doors, finishes and extras.

Our Systomatic products are endorsed by the Kitchen Specialists Association of South Africa  (KSA) and go through rigorous testing and quality control processes in accordance with our ISO 9001 certification. 


Introducing the OVVO® connector system:



As one of the first South African companies in our industry to make substantial investments in sophisticated software and CNC technology we have over the past two decades been able to develop and continually improve the Systomatic cupboard system.

The ultimate goal is to completely remove the hassles of traditional carpentry whilst at the same time provide our customers with a premium product.

We believe we have achieved this goal with the incorporation of the award winning OVVO® connector system. The OVVO® system allows a complete novice to assemble a cabinet within seconds, literally transforming a traditionally laborious and intimidating affair into child’s play. No tools or glues are required, one simply clicks it together. Cabinets can now be assembled in under a minute. See video below.

The system allows us to make first time DIY customers instant professionals and reaction from industry professional carpenters has been extraordinary. The significantly reduced amount of time required to complete a project has more than doubled their capacity, not to mention the ease and convenience of using the system.

Thanks to OVVO® we truly believe we offer one of the best DIY cupboard systems available.

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