PVC wrap doors are ideal for virtually any interior situation with a range of styles designed to suit the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or office.  They are a very durable, hard wearing and practical option.  Our range of PVC wrap doors offers limitless possibilities.  With a catalogue of door profiles as well as a bespoke door design service and a wide range of colours, all produced using the finest MDF to ensure a top class finish, to create something unique at a price that suits your budget. An extensive range of patterns and designs can be applied to your doors through our latest CNC technological process. We even took it a step further by investing in a High Pressure Press to deliver even higher quality wrap doors. With a superior quality adhesive glue and vinyl from the leading vinyl suppliers in the world, makes our doors durable to withstand any environment.

 To rout out your doors and panels we use two state of the art CNC machines and optimization program to ensure that we maximize the board used and minimize waste. A highly innovative system links our sales software directly with our production software to ensure a streamlined and error free process. A process we call screen to machine. We also have a wide range of cutters to create your desired center profile.

All of our PVC wrap doors are made from the highest quality MDF using a vacuum press to apply the vinyl using a combination of heat, vacuum and pressure to ensure maximum adhesion of the vinyl, giving you the smoothest finish for your doors. We stock a wide range of door and draw front profiles to cater for all your needs: 

Selecting your perfect cupboard door or drawer front can be a tough decision, after all, it will set the tone for the entire space, so to help you make your choice a little easier we have travelled the globe to source the best quality and most beautiful finishes from high gloss to realistic wood grains and super matte finishes to ensure that you have created your desired look and feel to your interior space. 

Advantages of PVC Wrap Doors

  • Extensive range of colours and finishes.
  • Highly durable product
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • High end gloss finish
  • The foil does not chip.
  • Seamless no glue lines and joints.

How it works:

STEP 1:  You choose your desired door style.

STEP 2: You choose your desired inner profile.

STEP 3: You choose your desired finish.

STEP 4: We do the rest.

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