Top Form ES | Lansdowne Boards
Topform’s XT Gloss and PET High Gloss & Super Matt boards offers long lasting colour that won't fade with an improved mirror effect on the High Gloss and a luxury fingerprint-proof finish on the Super Matt.  

XT Gloss

XT Gloss offers the ultimate mirror-like finish.  Produced using 18mm thick MDF board with a 1mm multi-layer acrylic decorative laminate on the front surface and matched colour backer to produce a finished board with a thickness of 20mm. The result is a finish with a perfect mirror finish, unseen in the South African market.  Suitable for medium-duty vertical applications, not advisable for horizontal applications due to high gloss finish.

PET High Gloss & Super Matt

Topform’s range of PET High Gloss and Super Matt boards have been developed because of a need for environmentally friendly products that have little to no impact on the environment.  Topform have been at the forefront of laminate technology since the 1970’s and this is the latest product in their exquisite range.  The PET top layer is 100% recyclable.  It offers the best example of on trend products that are 100% environmentally friendly.  It is produced using 16mm Particleboard with a 1mm PET decorative finish on the front surface and a white melamine backer to balance the board resulting in an 18mm thick board suitable for vertical applications such as door and drawer fronts and panelling.  

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