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20 July 2018

What’s Hot Right Now!

​It might only be July but we are already all over this new trend report by eporta and WGSN giving us the latest on what’s hot for 2018/2019.

eporta is the world’s fastest growing interiors marketplace and WGSN is the global leaders of all things trend related so when they put together an interiors trend report we knew we had to share some of their insights. 

Inspiring Individualism

Key to their findings was a trend for hyper-individualisation.  With a society so connected to technology and evolving so rapidly we have never before been so aware of ourselves and our needs and we want our personal space to reflect that.  We have unlimited access and exposure from influences from all over the world and it isn’t surprising that social media is a key driver, whether we seek inspiration from Pinterest or Instagram or any of a number of other apps or sites we are seeking out what we love and translating that into our living spaces. We are all now cultural omnivores and being our individual selves has never been cooler.

Eclectic Mix: Image via Laurel Bern InteriorsEclectic Mix: Image via Laurel Bern Interiors

Colour Focus

What has stemmed from this turbo charged need for individualism is a need for colour. Neutrals and beige are out, Orange is in.  At an all-time high, Orange is the fastest growing colour search on eporta.  And Pantone named Ultra Violet their colour of the year. Highlighting that strong rich colours are on the rise.  Colour blocking, clashing patterns and extravagant textures are brought together in a highly saturated individual statement. Go bold and dramatic with opulent colour and design.   And colour need not cost a lot – whether you choose to bring colour in via furniture or just a lick of paint, everyone can buy into this trend without breaking the bank.

Need some inspiration from those in the know? Take a look at some of the fabulously bold and inspired installations from this year’s Salone del Mobile Design Week in Milan where all of the top interior and fashion houses (including Louis Vuitton and Hermes) showcased their design led ideas at this international showcase.


Hermes “Rainbow Hall” Installation at Salone del Mobile, Milan this year: Images via Designboom.Hermes “Rainbow Hall” Installation at Salone del Mobile, Milan this year: Images via Designboom

Scandi Noir

While colour choice was bold and bright, when it comes to kitchens and cabinetry the trend is definitely dark and moody. Going dark has never been more on trend.  With the search term “black” seeing a 93% increase in the last 6 months and two key finishes are matte and powder coated for their exceptional depth of colour. Another alternative to bring in this dark rich trend is through the most popular fabric on the net: velvet.

There is also a growing popularity in dark woods, overtaking light woods which have been a staple in interiors in the past few years.  Charred, oiled and dark stain treatments are on the up.

Be Bold and bring luxurious matt black into your kitchen. Images via Living EtcBe Bold and bring luxurious matt black into your kitchen. Images via Living Etc

Finishing Touches    

Beyond colour and finish, products that have seen an upsurge in searches and sit well with the Scandi Noir trend helping to create a moody and celestial feel are pendant lights (move over chandeliers) and mirrors.

That wow factor: finishing touches in the form of beautiful lighting and ornate mirror. Image via PinterestThat wow factor: finishing touches in the form of beautiful lighting and ornate mirror. Image via Pinterest

Natural Touch

Our lives are more and more connected to technology in everything that we do. And while we may not be able to fully disconnect we might be able to find a way to feel calm and peace in the home through bringing natural connections into aspects of our home. Through the introduction of natural materials: wood, terracotta, rattan and weaving we can add natural aspects, hand-made, individual. Bringing the natural world into our cluttered technologically-tethered lives helps us to relax.

Beautiful natural real wood flooring. Image via MeisterBeautiful natural real wood flooring. Image via Meister

Being Responsible

Something we are proud to be doing in our day to day at Lansdowne Boards, and something which is at the forefront of trend and design is responsible sustainable product.  The interior industry has never been transparent or entirely green, but slowly we are seeing a shift in this trend.  Ensuring the ethical and responsible sourcing of raw materials is one of the first steps as well as ensuring that we are recycling where possible and creating products that can become heirlooms for tomorrow.  Sensible quality design with a focus on craftsmanship and a shift away from throw away culture is more than a trend, it’s a way of life.     

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