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21 May 2019

#trendalert: Super Matt

One of our most exciting launches of the year has to be the Perfect Touch range of PVC wrap. It truly is a revolution in the world of interior finishes.

Why are we getting so excited about this product? Well not only is super matt one of the biggest trends in Europe at the moment, knocking high gloss off its top spot, our Perfect Touch range of three dimensional foils comes with a long list of reasons why you need it in your home and a whole host of international awards to prove it!

The range of Perfect Touch three dimensional PVC foils has a whole host of advantages that you aren’t likely to find in any other super matt finish on the market, it’s:

  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Dirt, scratch and stain resistant
  • UV resistant
  • REACH compliant

Perfect touch has been so well received by the international design community that it has been awarded two extremely prestigious awards: The Iconic Award Interior Innovation - Winner 2017 and The German Design Award - Winner 2017. These two design councils are the trend barometers of the interior design industry, honouring only the best of the best that truly represent pioneering contributions in innovation and design. 

Our offer includes eight unique colours, including a few exclusives that you simply won’t find anywhere else!  Experience the luxurious feel and luminance of super matt with Perfect Touch from Lansdowne Boards. 

So if you’re looking to refresh or remodel your home look no further than this exquisite range that offers stunning warm finishes that are soft to the touch and in a range of on-trend colours.  


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