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23 May 2019

The Biggest Interior Trends for 2019/2020

A lover of all things interior, it was with great excitement that I saw the eporta trend report for 2019/2020 land in my inbox, THE trend report for interiors.

“Whether we like to believe it or not we are all impacted by what is ‘trending’. Trends are not temporary.”

After devouring the report I discovered an exciting South African feature, right on our Capetonian doorstep - read further to see who’s been featured in my snapshot of this great report!

East Meets West 

“Bilingual” or rather globalisation is trending for 2019/2020: as our world gets smaller through technology we have access to so much at the click of a button. Looking for inspiration on the other side of the earth (literally) has never been simpler.  FUSION is key with combos like Scandinese (Scandinavian-Japanese) , Mexicanese (Mexican-Japanese), Britainese (British-Chinese), you get the picture, a bit of an east meets west trend. A key example of this trend, referred to in the eporta report, is our very FYN Restaurant in Cape Town showcasing the fusion trend in this beautiful space designed by Tristan Plessis.

Bilingual: East Meets West at FYN (Image via Wallpaper)Bilingual: East Meets West at FYN (Image via Wallpaper)

Starring Role: Colour


Colour played a big part in this trend report with a few different iterations of the colour trend: from “Sugared Scand” pairing Scandanavian design elements with ice cream colours, the result is paired back cool in pops of sage, duck egg blue and powder pink.

Sugared Scandi at Harlen & Holden, Philippines (Image via eporta)Sugared Scandi at Harlen & Holden, Philippines (Image via eporta)

Taking the colour trend a little further we look to “Fluent Translation” which sees the interior world borrowing from the fashion world, think head to toe (or floor to ceiling) homage to a single colour in all of its glorious shades. Colour blocking has never looked this cool!

And finally a “Rainbow Kaleidoscope” of colour, according to eporta the fastest growing colours are the brightest! So go wild.


Looking Back


With a focus on the past, we look at these key trends for the coming year: “Brutal Force” takes inspiration from the concrete Brutalist period juxtaposing luxury features and finishes on rough concrete.

Luxurious Brutalism at The Perfect Storm, Sydney (Image via Dezeen)Luxurious Brutalism at The Perfect Storm, Sydney (Image via Dezeen)

“Handmade Tales” talks about our gravitation to handmade over mass produced machine made, a global trend not only present in interiors but in our everyday: our lives are evolving and we are making more conscious decisions about what we buy from food to clothing and now homewares.

Handmade Tales at Sanders Hotel, Denmark (Image via eporta)Handmade Tales at Sanders Hotel, Denmark (Image via eporta)


“Retro Brights” is our last history lesson, focusing on the 1970’s from colour to shape and fabric: think  corduroy, burnt orange, curved shapes, shag pile, rust, you get the picture (for more inspo check out That 70’s Show!)

That 70's Show at Eaton, Kowloon HK (Image via eporta)That 70's Show at Eaton, Kowloon HK (Image via eporta)


The Elements


The Elements focuses on the big four: earth, water, air and fire. Think terracotta, molten metal, materials forged by fire found in the earth, crystal, mirror, pearl, rippled textured glass, organic earthly forms, sustainable and eco-friendly products. Going back to the earth for inspiration.

Fiery finishes at La Odette, BarcelonaFiery finishes at La Odette, Barcelona

A final note on this report, and something that is very important to us is SUSTAINABILITY

The "trend" for sustainability is now a movement, which is, in turn, becoming a significant political, economic and societal shift that will change the way we do business.

From drinking straws to kitchen cupboards, our approach to selecting products for our homes is now driven by our consideration for what affects the environment the least. We are thinking longer term, making more conscious, sustainable purchases.

For the full report head on over to

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