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05 November 2018

Pros and Cons of White Kitchens

White is a colour, it’s a trend, it creates a statement and it has been the first choice of most people redecorating their kitchen for the past few decades now.

I will admit I am one of the masses who opted for white and at Lansdowne Boards it continues to be one of our out and out bestselling colours whether it’s a wood grain, gloss or super matt or anything in between, white wins time and again.  But is white for you?  Here we take a look at some of the pros and cons of the all-white kitchen. 


It’s a modern classic

With the right design and styling a white kitchen can work in any home: whether it’s a modern loft apartment or a country home, white can be super modern or traditional country.  Maximalist or minimalist, your choice.

It’s magic

A white kitchen gives the sense of a brighter and bigger space. A white kitchen vs. a darker one will always seem larger because it reflects light and gives the illusion of extra space and light.

White goes with anything

White is one of the truly versatile colours for the home.  It goes with pretty much everything. Its also a neutral pallet to add any colour too if you chose to add some bold splashes of colour with appliances or splashbacks, etc.

It’s easy to update – if you opt to change your highlight colour (like the cherry red kettle and toaster you just had to have) in a few years its simple and easy to do.

It’s also worth noting that if you have to include any large appliances such as your washing machine, dishwasher, etc. into the main kitchen area and their all white they will blend in perfectly with a white kitchen.  No more sticking out like a sore thumb! And white appliances are cheaper than stainless steel. So you save on that too!

It’s trend resistant

For the past few years light wood/oak has been the biggest news in interiors and as of 2018 dark woodgrains are where it’s at.  Consider the different colours that have also come and gone in the past few years? And think back to the 70’s style kitchens in avocado green and orange. Trends in colours and wood finishes come and go but white is trend resistant.  And since redecorating your kitchen is such a big expense, don’t you want your kitchen to last longer than a season?

Great resale potential

If you’re renovation but planning on selling your property, a white kitchen is a great and inoffensive option.


It can seem clinical

White (gloss in particular) reflects the light (see the pros) and can make an already bright kitchen seem even brighter, glaringly so at times. White kitchens can also seem very clinical and cold.  A simple solution to this is to consider adding some wood touches like flooring, worktops or furniture to soften the look. Wood of all types work well with white kitchens.

It doesn’t always age well

The messiest room in the house, all white? (gasp!) White has always been a no no for furniture as its impossible to keep clean so an all-white kitchen might seem like utter madness to some out there. Food related dirt is more visible requiring more frequent cleaning. Wear and tear also shows more easily. 

White cabinets can discolour over time if in strong direct sunlight and show scratches more easily.

But all of this can be addressed: clean up spills quickly to avoid permanent discolouration and selecting off white cabinets can be a way to limit the potential for fading or discolouration.  Also opt for quality cabinets to ensure their longevity.

*Blog cover image via one of our customer Mr Lombert and beautifully installed by Yaseen Karra.





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