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01 July 2019

Marvellous Medite

What if I told you you’d be awestruck by some board we stock? Crazy thought, I know, but it’s true . . .read and learn!

Most often we are in awe of the finished product whether it’s a kitchen renovation or bedroom cupboards or an office revamp. But how often do we look at what goes into these projects? What if I told you you’d also be awestruck but some of the board we stock? Crazy thought, I know but it’s true . . .read and learn!

The board, or rather the supplier, I am going to tell you a little about is Medite Smartply, a company we have dealt with for many years. They manufacture boards that are sustainable, FSC certified, eco-friendly and have a whole host of superpowers! True Story!

Rather than just listing the range and their properties I thought I would show you in the form of beautiful work using these incredible products: 

Exceeding Environmental Building Standards at the Central Bank of Ireland Building


This building is the first building in Ireland to achieve BREEAM “outstanding” rating due, in part, to the fact that all of the timber used was FSC certified. All of the acoustic panels were manufactured by Woodfit Acoustics and made using veneered MEDITE PREMIER FR (Fire Retardant). The unique properties of this product include: fire retardance ensuring its safe for use in public buildings, produced using FSC certified timber from sustainably managed forest in Ireland.

The environmental building standard BREEAM is one of the world’s leading sustainability assessment methods for construction. It awards credits for use of FSC certified building projects across the built environment lifecycle.

The Central Bank of Ireland building, Image via Woodfit AcousticsThe Central Bank of Ireland building, Image via Woodfit Acoustics

A Life Size Gingerbread House, Norway


A truly unique hotel, the Salaven Hotel & Spa in Norway is literally something out of a storybook! Nestled amongst the mountains of Norway, covered in snow for 70% of the year, this hotel has its fair share of harsh elements to contend with and the entire exterior is clad in MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME (MTX) for outdoor use.  This product was chosen for its moisture resistance, durability and stability and as they panels can be finished in a wide range of colours and textures it was the obvious choice to give the building its “gingerbread-like” look.

MTX panels are known for their outstanding ability to retain their shape and consistency when faced with wet conditions and extreme temperature changes, allowing them to be used in situations where previously only concrete, metal and plastic could be, as well as being quick and easy to install.

Norway is a country that has been a pioneer in the sustainable use of raw materials for many years, and using Medite they ensure the lowest possible environmental impacts vs. concrete, steel, vinyl siding tiles, fibre cement siding or stucco.

And the bonus? MTX is guaranteed to last up to 50 years in external environments, untreated and its recyclable when it reaches the end of its life.

The Salaven Hotel & Spa, Images courtesy of SalavenThe Salaven Hotel & Spa, Images courtesy of Salaven

A Luxury Art Deco Home in Central London


The design brief in this home was to maintain the demure decadence of the 1930’s and 40’s, incorporating smooth, clean lines, high gloss surfaces, mirror cladding and ambient lighting.

While MDF isn’t usually the traditional choice in luxury settings, when tasked with the redesign of this home, Infinitus Bespoke Interiors felt the best solution was MEDITE MOISTURE RESISTANT (MR) and MEDITE TRICOYA (MTX).

In addition to MR & MTX’s ability to resist humidity and moisture, they were also chosen for their smooth and consistent qualities, making them perfect for machining into the bespoke shapes required by CNC router.  It also offered a time efficient way to produce all of the panels on such a large project as using solid timber would have required an excessive amount of hours of plaining to achieve the same smooth finish.

Luxury Art Deco Home, Images via MediteLuxury Art Deco Home, Images via Medite

Was I right? Awestruck by what Medite can do? Their incredible range of fire retardant, moisture resistant, exterior grade boards offer a whole host of superior properties that really can’t be beat. Why not consider them for your next project? 

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