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16 November 2018

Gorgeously Grey Kitchens

The new neutral that’s taken the interior world by storm. Cream and Magnolia (now swear works in interior speak) are out, grey is THE colour for interiors.

Grey has also steadily gained momentum, and is now chipping away at white (still on top and holding tight) as the kitchen colour of choice.  It’s a classic, its timeless, and could actually add value to your home if done right.  If done wrong it could look quite dull, but we have some ideas for keeping your grey beautiful. Read on to get the low down on how to add some grey into your home and why it simply is the coolest shade of neutral.  

Create an accent

Love grey but not sure about going all out grey in the kitchen? Why not incorporate some grey into an all-white kitchen either by using grey on all of the floor units or bringing it in as a beautiful island, creating a striking feature?  This will add depth and warmth to an all-white kitchen and will ensure you are right on trend.

Create An Accent Image via Tom HowleyCreate An Accent Image via Tom Howley

Metro Mania

Another favourite kitchen look of ours is a subway tile! Whether you choose to go with the brick layout and contrasting dark grey grout or stick to all white and opt for the herringbone layout, a metro tile is a really popular look and works fantastically well with grey.

Metro Mania Image via Lesley UnruhMetro Mania Image via Lesley Unruh

Any Shade Of Grey

Grey in the kitchen doesn’t have to be light to be neutral – opt for a super dark almost black version of grey for a striking look.  Add accents of gold to create a really rich and glamourous look.

Alternatively, combine a soft light grey with a dark graphite grey. Ensure you stick to the same tone to keep it harmonious, combing two tones will add depth and interest to your new kitchen design but will still keep it bright and airy with the soft light grey.

Another hot-right-now colour for kitchens is dark navy, want to keep it neutral? Opt for a bluish grey and keep it on trend while remaining neutral. 

Any Shade of Grey Image via Tom HowleyAny Shade of Grey Image via Tom Howley

It’s good for your Chi/Zen/Inner Calm 

Grey is one of the most calming colours for interiors. It’s such a great neutral and works well in every room of the home from the tiniest to the largest. And it’s easy enough to liven up by adding a little colour or subtracting colour to calm the room down again.  

Inner Calm Image via Francesco LagneseInner Calm Image via Francesco Lagnese


Grey is so versatile it works in modern and traditional kitchens, in high gloss and super matt, on walls, units, tiles, floors, work surfaces, grey is simply put: great! So whichever way you want to incorporate it into your new kitchen, go with grey.

For more inspiration on how to bring grey into your home head over to our Pinterest Page and check out all things Gorgeously Grey

*Cover Image of Diane Keaton's home via Wine Spectator

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