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31 May 2019

Designer Q&A: Heino Wessels @ 89 Design

Each month we will be chatting to one of our customers to find out a bit more about them, Heino kindly offered to be the first to get grilled! ;-)

"Designing someone’s dream kitchen and then making it a reality inspires me the most."

1. What or who inspired you to choose a career in interiors and kitchen design? 

It would be easier to say that the career chose me. I was given an opportunity and decided to relocate from J-bay to pursue it. It was a difficult start and I considered throwing in the towel after the first 2 years, that said I have been in this industry for 13 years and haven’t looked back since.

2. Would you say you have a specific style?  

Yes, I would say ,my style is Modern Minimalist. Less is More!

3. What most inspires you and your work? 

Designing someone’s dream kitchen and then making it a reality inspires me the most.

4. What is your go to colour? 

I would say Dark Grey – all the way.    

5. Where do you go to spot new styles?  

I like to start with a fresh idea on every new design so I mostly rely on my clients to pursue an idea or style . So in short most of my new styles I spot from ideas inspired by clients.   

6. What are some of your biggest design influences?  

My biggest influence would be the need for a clutter free environment – minimalistic designs    

7. Any interesting projects you're working on at the moment? 

If I told you I would have to bill you :-)   

8. What advice do you have for those looking to remodel their kitchen? 

Appliances is always a good start – the next step would then be to style according to that. 

9. Share your simplest décor tip? 

Simplest décor tip to have contrast – Dark and light or even matt and gloss. Any contrast is always good.     

10. Is there something that you simply will never ever do when it comes to interiors - something you would avoid or advise your client to avoid?  

Impractical designs that look good, but serve no purpose. Each kitchen is different.  

11. What are your go to basics when you’re designing? 

Symmetry, Balance, contrast and Flow  

12. What would you tell someone who doesn’t have a big budget? How do you work around this to achieve their dream design? 

Soon as you know what they are willing to invest, it is extremely important to offer the right material and to amend the design according to the discussed budget. There are a lot of options available that give them their dream design without having to take out a second mortgage. You need to be open and upfront with your client from the word go!


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