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23 November 2018

8 Ways To Add Colour Into Your Kitchen

All white is all right in a kitchen but wouldn’t you love to add a bright splash of something bold?

Often a daunting thought when we are so used to playing it safe in the home when it comes to the “big things” like that expensive kitchen renovation – we want it to be functional and work for us but there really is no reason why it needs to bland! Adding a splash of colour need not be expensive or overwhelming and it might just brighten up your life a little!  Here we discuss a few ways to add pops of colour to a classic kitchen.

1. Touch on colour with small appliances & cookware

First off for those just wanting to dip their toes into the colour pool why not consider adding colour in the form of small appliances or cookware? Two of the pioneers of colourful cooking have to be Smeg and La Creuset.  We just love how they embrace colour in all that they do!


Colourful Kitchen: Small Appliances & Cookware via Smeg & La CreusetColourful Kitchen: Small Appliances & Cookware via Smeg & La Creuset

2. Go boldly on with wacky and wonderful large appliances

A trend in recent years is to add a bright and bold large appliance to your all white kitchen creating a real statement and focal point in the space. Once again Smeg had something to do with this, first off with their retro fridges that came in every colour under the sun and of course the Union Jack! Now their offer extends to an awesome range of pop colour freestanding cookers and (for the faint of heart look away now!) they have recently collaborated with Dolce & Gabbana (the Italian mavens of the fashion world) to create a range of small appliances and their pièce de résistence: the Smeg fridge reimagined Dolce style that will only set you back oh around $50,000!


Colourful Kitchen: Large Appliances via SmegColourful Kitchen: Large Appliances via Smeg

3. A bold spot to park your bumb

An effective way to add some colour is with bright seating in the kitchen either around a table or at an island, primary pops of yellow, red or blue will definitely add some fun to a kitchen.


Colourful Kitchen Chairs via House & GardenColourful Kitchen Chairs via House & Garden

4. Roll out the red carpet

Another way to add some colour into the kitchen without making any big changes is putting down a rug. Its got two great benefits: not only will it add colour but also cover up some awful tiles that you maybe want to change but just haven’t gotten around to. Its also very on trend right now to have a rug in the kitchen so you’re essentially killing three birds with one little rug shaped stone!

Colour Kitchen Rugs via PinterestColour Kitchen Rugs via Pinterest


We move on from home appliances and cookware to some bolder ways to incorporate colour into your home . . .


5. Delightful Doors

Add a splash of colour on your kitchen door (if you have one) it’ll be a great way to create a feature into your kitchen.


Colourful Kitchen Doors via House & GardenColourful Kitchen Doors via House & Garden

6. Fun feature island

Not keen to go bold on the entire space why not bring some colour into your kitchen island and create a feature of it? It’s a great focus point in a kitchen and the area that people tend to congregate around so why not have a little fun and make it bold?

Colourful Kitchen Island via PinterestColourful Kitchen Island via Pinterest


7. Give kitchen cabinets some va va voom!

Why not brighten up your cabinets with splashes of colour either by doing a run of floor units in a bold colour or singing out the drawer units and making all our drawer fronts colourful? By adding colour in this way you are giving clearly defined areas of the kitchen to your colour of choice giving it a well thought out look and great visual appeal.


Colourful Kitchen Cabinets via Skai Hornschuh, available at Lansdowne BoardsColourful Kitchen Cabinets via Skai Hornschuh, available at Lansdowne Boards

8. Treat your walls to some colour

Another great way to add colour to your kitchen is by focusing on the walls either with bold splashbacks, tiles, paint or wallpaper.  All of which will help bring bold statement colour into your kitchen.

Colourful Kitchen Wallpaper via DominoColourful Kitchen Wallpaper via Domino


If you need a little more bold colour-spiration why not take a look at our Pinterest board focusing on all things bright! And if you’re in the mood for kitchen shopping of a brighter nature you’re in for a treat! We have a wide range of bright high gloss boards on special for a limited time only! Take a look via this link.

*Title Image via Devol Kitchens

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