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22 April 2020

5 Ways To Unleash Your Green Goddess On Earth Day

To celebrate this special day we thought we’d bring you some #greenspiration to help unleash your green goddess and greenify your home during self-isolation.

1. Bring the outdoors indoors

While we are spending so much time at home, why not bring some of your beautiful greenery from the outdoors indoors or get yourself a few green lovelies on your next trip to the supermarket or get yourself a herb garden going on the window sill. Having greenery in the home, especially in the kitchen (a central space in every home) not only looks beautiful and lush but they also help to clean the air! So winning on all fronts.


We are loving the cascading greenery in this kitchen via Day True

2. Add a splash of colour!

The world over green in the kitchen is a key trend. It’s like a new neutral adding a calm fresh feel to your space. Whether you opt for drama with a dark forest green or want to play it a bit safer with sage tones green is definitely the key colour in a kitchen! It works really well with natural wood grains and whites so easy to bring in as a highlight in any kitchen.


Gorgeous Green via Devol Kitchens

3. Repurpose Leftovers

Why not take last night’s leftovers and rework them into a pasta or an omelette or an oven bake? So many chefs are popping up on our social feeds with ideas to save and make the most of your food, have a google and be inspired!


Buddha Bowl (this one via Chelsea’s Messy Apron) A Buddha Bowl is a fancy word for a bowl of greens, veg, beans, grains, nuts and something drizzly: so you can include any left overs really that fit into any of these categories and just have fun!

4. Root-To-Stem Cooking

Adopt root-to-stem cooking like Simon in Masterchef Australia! (We were obsessed! 6pm date with the TV every week night – we’re not quite sure what to do with ourselves now that we have an extra hour free everyday!). There are so many great recipes that utilise every part of the veg so that you don’t waste a thing. Never thought to do this? The internet is full of fabulous recipes using all the bits we would consider chucking in the bin!


Roasted Heirloom Beets with Beet Leaf Puree (Image via 10play.com) While this might not have one Simon the title of Masterchef Aus 2019 it certainly got us inspired!

5. Clean Green

While most of us recycle and look to buy less plastic/packaging in an attempt to limit our impact on the environment there is an area of our lives that is often overlooked: cleaning. Cleaning products can have a very harmful impact on planet earth and our own health so why not opt for green cleaning products when you’re making your next purchase? A local brand that we love is Clean Green for all areas of the household but there are plenty of eco-friendly options available! Alternatively, unleash your inner domestic goddess and look to your pantry cupboard for bicarb, vinegar, lemon juice and warm water! There are plenty of recipes online for homemade gentle cleaning formulas.

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