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Jun '19

Customer Kitchen: Chapman's Bay Estate

Chapman’s Bay Estate was the location for our latest customer kitchen photoshoot and it didn’t disappoint.

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May '19

The Biggest Interior Trends for 2019/2020

A lover of all things interior, it was with great excitement that I saw the eporta trend report for 2019/2020 land in my inbox, THE trend report for interiors.

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May '19

#trendalert: Super Matt

One of our most exciting launches of the year has to be the Perfect Touch range of PVC wrap. It truly is a revolution in the world of interior finishes.

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May '19

10 Key Kitchen Trends For 2019

What’s hot in kitchens right now? Whether you’re planning a remodel or just a refresh, there are a host of fabulous ideas out there to inspire you for 2019.

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Mar '19

Multifunctional Living: Sliding Doors & Room Dividers

Multifunctional Rooms are now part of life. We live in an age where space comes at a premium and multifunctional open plan living is the status quo.

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