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Environmental Policy
Environmental Policy
Environmental Policy
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Quality Service
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At Lansdowne Boards we have made a commitment to limit our impact on the environment, our customers and our staff.

Through every stage of manufacturing from sourcing to finished product we are focused on monitoring our environmental impact and working towards continual improvement. As part of our commitment to the environment, we have invested in the research and development of our range of Verilite lightweight eco friendly panel product alternatives for the furniture and allied industries which is just as strong as its solid core counterparts. Read our Environmental Policy

“There are two ways to reduce CO² in the atmosphere: either by reducing emissions, or by removing CO² and storing it: reducing ‘carbon sources’ and increasing ‘carbon sinks’ - wood has the unique ability to do both.” “Every cubic metre of wood used as a substitute for other building materials reduces CO emissions to the atmosphere by an average of 1,1t CO². If this is added to the 0,9t of CO² stored in wood, each cubic metre of wood saves a total of 2t CO².”

We are focused on monitoring our environment impact and working towards continual improvement by:

  •  Sourcing a percentage of our wood panel products from Forest Steward Council (FSC) sources.
  • Ensuring the majority of our panel products, flooring and other wood products are E1 certified or better. (E1 is a certification that governs and limits the use of Urea Formaldehyde in the production of wood panel products).
  • Using mostly Carb 2 Compliant MDF (a regulation introduced to govern formaldehyde emissions standards in the American and European markets).
  •  Ensuring our program of decorative finishes on our panel products and flooring ranges is also in line with our commitment towards developing an environmentally friendly product range:
    • Melawood Melamine and Formica Laminates are produced using papers that are FSC certified, the inks used are organic and the coating processes are no longer solvent based. Formica HPL fully cured post product and is now regarded as virtually inert.
    • Our range of Wood Veneers is exclusively sourced through FSC sources.
    • Vinyl Foils are almost exclusively sourced through Renolit and Konrad Hornschuh, both of whom play active roles in the promotion and introduction of ecologically harmless and resource saving production and disposal processes.
  • Investing extensively in software programs and machinery to ensuring optimal material utilisation with very little waste.
  • Commencing a multi stage investment program for recycling and re-use: 
    • We have commissioned a crushing plant which considerably reduces the size of our wood off cuts from the production process which in turn reduces transportation requirements for getting the material off site.
    • We generate PVC foil waste which we currently bag and deliver to a recycling programme where they have various re-use programmes in place for the material.
    • Our future plans include converting PVC waste into extrusions for use as bumper protectors for furniture parts during transit and we are currently investigating a briquetting process that would allow us to turn our wood waste into furnace fuel bricks.

At Lansdowne Boards, our edge has always been our willingness and desire to embrace new technologies and trends within the industry. Searching the globe for the latest ideas to ensure we always remain one step ahead of the competition.

Recent additions at Lansdowne include a new and exclusive range of high gloss boards from Spain giving the freedom of choice with a wide range of rainbow colours, our range of Vinyl foils has been updated to include the latest colours trending in Europe, sourcing the latest technology in eco friendly and weather resistant MDF board from Ireland and as part of our roll out for this year, a brand new edge banding machine that will create the highest quality edges not seen before. We are doing all this and more, ensuring that we are constantly improving and refreshing our offer to you. Dedicated to Quality & Service

Our pride lies in our promise to the customer to ensure a quality product and service. We only use suppliers who we know and trust and ensure the product we purchase is safe and durable. We conduct extensive tests to ensure any new product we bring in meets our high standards.

Our dedicated and qualified sales team has over 100 years of experience at Lansdowne Boards between them. Their specialist knowledge within the industry is unrivalled – the team includes a qualified team of engineers, our very own Decorex designer of the year 2012 and the backbone of our business, our sales team, all of whom have been with the company for over 10 years and are part of our growing family. With our qualified and experienced team we are able to offer you the best advice for your project and a first class service that can’t be beat.

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