Home Office Cupboards and Drawers

Home Office Cupboards and Drawers

The Systomatic Home Office is a simple to install, modular office system that can evolve to suit your needs and your space requirements.

Consisting of flexible-combinable units this designer furniture series is stylish and attractive and provides a range of new storage possibilities. It creates the ideal space saving solution for all office and home needs.

Options include an attractive built-in lighting system and pull-out desks. Choose from a wide range of colours, drawers and door types to create something completely unique.

Decide on how much cupboard space you require and how much shelf space you need. These units cater for home theatre systems and are perfect for computer stations at home or the office.

The units can also be assembled to make the most of any irregular space in a room. The Systomatic Home Office arrives in a flat pack and is simply assembled with an alan key and can be altered or added to at any time. Consider the space available to you and pick the configuration that suits it. Choose your colour scheme and style and then assemble. Quick and easy!