Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered Wood Flooring

Lansdowne Boards are proud to introduce Meister Flooring to the South African market.  We are the exclusive partners for this innovative range of real wood flooring products. 

At the heart of the Meister flooring family is innovation, with over 200 registered patents they are world leaders, game changers, bringing creative and innovative ideas to the market place.  At Lansdowne Boards we offer two exciting ranges of Meister flooring:


A revolution in flooring technology, Lindura brings together the latest in wood powder technology and real wood flooring to produce a floor that is beautiful, incredibly strong, easy to lay and maintain.


Reinventing a classic: Meister have taken a timeless classic, the Parquet floor, and made it modern and on trend and offered it in a variety of options:

  • Craftsmanship down to the tiniest detail: the new three-dimensional finish is hand crafted using varying thicknesses of wood to create a truly three-dimensional structure.
  • A true classic reinvented: the square herringbone parquet gives the look of the traditional floor but reinvented in a truly modern and skilful way.
  • Rustic Elegance: the planked look, reminiscent of those decade old wooden floors, has uneven cracks and joints worked into the planks during production, accentuating the wood’s unspoilt and natural characteristics.

Our range of Meister flooring includes flooring options that are suitable for residential and/or commercial applications, it is simple and quick to install using the Clic system and easy to maintain and clean.  Meister are committed to the environment and their heritage: all flooring is produced in Germany and carries environmental certifications including The Blue Angel and FSC labels.