We are Lansdowne Boards. We’re completely and wholeheartedly consumed by design, quality and precision. You can say it: we’re obsessed. “With what exactly?” you might ask. Well, we aim to contribute to interior spaces by planning and creating manufactured components and wood based panel products. These premium quality products can be used for the furniture, manufacturing and shop fitting industries.

That sounds like a mouthful – let’s unpack that a bit. Basically we have solutions for your Kitchen Design, Bedroom and Office spaces. Flooring is just one example – not to mention Sliding Doors, Cupboards and more. Plus, when it comes to panels, we’re proud pros. And hardware solutions? That’s just a given.

We would love to create something personal and completely unique – for you. Browse the site to start imagining your interior makeover.

The kitchen is the heart of every home and here at Lansdowne Boards we know what it takes to keep your kitchen in peak condition. Whether it be completely renovating your kitchen or finally changing out those old cabinets that are falling off the hooks - our team is ready to take your kitchen from average to amazing.
Rest easy knowing that Lansdowne Boards has your bedroom's best interests at heart. Your bedroom is a sanctuary and we have years of experience and knowledge is creating the perfect space for you that is both comfy and exceptionally classy.
The heart of productivity comes down to the layout of your office space. The power of certain colors could change your mood and inspire you and an organized space could do wonders for clearing your mind. It goes without saying that renovating and redoing your office space could be worth more than you could image.
Quality is a top priority at Lansdowne boards and we ensure that your flooring needs are met with not only great service but top quality. It is easy to undervalue the need for great flooring in your home but this essential house feature makes your home what it is.